Free surfer

For the experienced surfer, there are a variety of reefs, slabs and point breaks offering long, rolling waves as well as fast, hollow barrels in the surf season. We search for the best spots each day, always seeking the best conditions for each group and level.

We offer many shapes and sizes of surfboards to fit your personal preferences. Choose from a wide selection of boards including fibreglass, epoxy and foam boards in many sizes. We have shortboards, fish, fun boards, longboards and stand-up paddle boards for you to choose from during your stay.

Surf the best waves Morocco from 180 Euros per person for a 7 day holiday! Our experienced surfers will guide you to the best breaks in the area. Come join us for a surf at spots like Imsouane, Boilers, Draculas, Anchor Point, Killer Point, Mysteries, Tamri, Panoramas, Crocko’s, and Devil’s Rock.