Surf School


07:30 : breakfast
09:30 : departure for the spot selected according to conditions …
10:00 : launching and course till noon
12:00 : lunch on the beach or return to surf camp
14:00 : launching on the spot selected
17:00 : back to surf camp and viewing of video of your exploits
20:00 : lunch in common in the hall of restoration
21:00 : free time, evening video games, …

We are fortunate to be located in an area that offers more than 15 surf spots within a 50 kilometre stretch of coastline which offers surf for all levels of surfers. We provide you with the best surfing instruction with small class sizes and ‘one-on-one’ coaching so that you get the attention you deserve! Morocco offers ideal waves for beginners with some of its’ long sandy beaches and small summer surf. Your learning sessions in Morocco will be much less physical than in other regions of the Atlantic. Surf the best waves Morocco from 180 Euros p.p.p.w !

Faced with the growing number of illegal surf schools, we advise you to choose among the registered schools.